Poetry Issue

Artwork by Ben Grasso.


Cynthia Atkins, If These Walls Could Talk
Marc Berman, Immutable
Jenn Blair, At the Nature Center
Sean L. Corbin: A student claims to dislike Kentucky poetry and The light bulb
Steve Coughlin: Another Perfect Sunrise, and Things I Could Never Tell My Father
Fred Dale, Last Call at the Lounge Named After a Saint
George Eklund, Escape From January
Brad Garber, Mythology
Mike Good, Bass Fishing In America
Cathryn Hankla: If I am WrongConsidering the Alternative, and It Must Be
Jeffrey Haynes, Champion, The Cranberry King, and Best in Show
Karen Hildebrand, This is the Revolution
Dustin Junkert: Variations and What’s It’s Going to Take
Flannery Lier, Untitled
Amy Marengo: Letters They Share, Tracker, and this is love
Stephen Massimilla: Our Pompeii and Proto-Post-Momento Mori
Clark Ogier, damnit david
Eldon Reishus, Midlife Reassignment
William Repass, kaput: and as a matter of fact,
Insley Smullen: Pleadian Future Message, Common Design, and The Battle Hymn of Shotgun
Wendy Thornton, Exit Covenant
Matthew Vetter, To The One-Armed Crawdad Who Pinched My Son
Barrett Warner: Wind Music, Balance, and I Thought Pigeons Were Vegetarians
Jerry Wayne Wells: Nobody Expects the Dead Possum and Remember Your Breath
Marianna White, Mostly, I shake even when I aim
Helen Wickes, Damage
Amanda Williams, Elegy for Two Horses