Flock: Issue 24


Read our interview with cover artist Rusudan Khizanishvili here!

Creative Nonfiction

Sarah Giragosian, A Conspiracy of Ravens
Jennifer Schomburg Kanke, Remove and Improve
Jasmine Ledesma, Apocalypse in the Summertime
Denise Tolan, Visiting Rena
Lisa López Smith, The Dirt on the Universe
Rachel Wood, Eggshells


Catherine Bai, Writing with Blood
Eric Boyd, Rambling
Leah Browning, Scents/Sense/Cents
Scott Hoshida, B is for Buddhist
Sherri Hope Levine, So American
Charlotte Shea, The Dalhousie Trial


Michelle Acker, Berrying
Heather Bourbeau, Ishtar’s Lament
Laura Desiano, Sixteen Stanzas on Mimesis, Mammals, and Miscellany
Kelly DuMar: Easter in the Pickup and September, Then Now
Chad Foret, Mutation Chapel
Stephen Gibson, Villanelle on an Obsession
Jen Schalliol Huang, Nine Lives
Yasmin Mariam Kloth, I’ve Named These Ashes
Sarah Uheida, Tangerine and The Prelude
Heather Warren, What We Don’t Talk About May Harm You