Issue 23: Kith & Kin


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Creative Nonfiction

Joey Bandru, Survival Guide for A String of Funerals
Rose Banks, Three Days Notice to Terminate Stability
Cynthia Belmont, Serinus Canaria Domestica
Emily Kenway, eight women
Sarah Sorensen, I Want, I Think, To Live Inside a Seashell
Penny Wolfson, Actualitiés


Jessie Atkin, Do Us Part
Adam Berlin, One Month Before the Truck Hit La Rambla
Alyson Mosquera Dutemple, Prix Fixe
Jonathan Griffith, Country Matters
Carla Panciera, Crazy
Brandi Reissenweber, Mourner’s Kaddish
Susana Santos Martins, Away from Here
Phillip Sterling, The Care and Treatment of Dementia
Anuja Varghese, Family Dinner


Tian-Ai, The Tao of Vagary
Elijah Allred, Bigfoot
Catherine Esther Cowie:
       The Sound of Blood and The Story of Where Iouanaloa Lives
John Cullen, My Father Should Write
Tom Daley, Oskar-with-a-K
Henry Goldkamp, Variation on a Theme by Saint Blaise
Amy Jarvis, A Study in Architecture & How
Eli Karren, Portrait of a Small Town with Safe Search Disabled
Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Dabblers and Divers
David Prather, To My Ill-Begotten Granddaughter
Rushika Wick, TNT