Flock: Issue 22

Flock 22 will launch in mid-July


Fares Micue, interview and gallery

Creative Nonfiction

Caitlin Horrocks, Notes from Daycare
Patrick Clement James, Six Essays for Six Works of Art
Kat Roland, Where Vultures Come From
Carol Roh Spaulding, Almost Mozart   


Jeffery S. Chapman, The Bowman School of Things You Always Wanted to Do
Taraka Hamada, Pan
Andrew Ibis, See: Hyperventilation, Effects Of
Mehdi M. Kashani, Honey
Aleyna Rentz: Doc Holliday Goes West and The Tragedians
Eliza Tudor, Treasure!


J.M. Baker, Float
Anna Lena Phillips Bell, Songs of the Inner Room
Josh Bettinger, Cloud, Cover; Cupio_Dissolvi.gif; and Recursion Beta
Tori Cárdenas, Psalm: A History of the Church in New Mexico
Casey Clague, A Man on the Internet
William Doreski: Rolex and Snowstorm on Clarendon Road
Sean Thomas Dougherty, Parable of a Marriage #1
Anthony Hagen: Department of Housing and Urban Development
Finola McDonald, The Last Train
William Repass, Atmospheric Diving Suit
Aurora Lee Shimshak, Who knows, maybe I’m already living
Anna Lowe Weber, You Have Decided To Stop Engaging in Social Media