Flock 19: Migration

Read our interview with cover artist Ventral is Golden here.

Creative Nonfiction

ali lanzetta, wanderlust home
Emily McKay, Cape Yakataga
C.E. Shue, Flowers of the Resistance
Ann Tashi Slater, Driving to Shangri-La


Rebecca Fisseha, A Creature of Speed and Air
Ariel Lewis, Another Day, None of Them Got Home
Trevor Mackesey, And the Water Rose
Kwame Opoku-Duku, Stay Up
Caleb Michael Sarvis, Sinking Moments


Jenn Blair, Coffle
Lauren Camp, More Real Than Right in Front
Rob Carney, For Your Essay, Define Freedom
Noor Hindi, Why is Your Grandmother’s Name Jihad?
Jakob Maier, Brain City and Airport
Belal Mobarak, Qatr Faranca, Time Zones, and Tetah
Tatiana Forero Puerta, In the Guest Room
Sara Ryan, Ode to Mammuthus Primigenius
Skaidrite Stelzer, New World

Graphic Literature

Why We Migrate, Jason Hart