Winners of the Flock Novella Award

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“A delight to read.” —Raleigh Rand
“...Rare perception of the human landscape.” —HB Reid
“Even-handed and true.” —David Porter

A masterful non-linear tale that follows the life of Reggie, whose saccharine-sweet memories of the past fall apart as reality sets in: his past love is married, his mother is dying from A.L.S., and his daughter Lucy needs him to step up and take care of her needs.

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“...A wondrous, trembly thing.” —Mark Ari
“Startlingly fresh and vivid.” —Kathleen Weaver

Distraught over her marriage to James, Medina drives her two young sons over a gravel road toward a house on a lake. She is also a young girl in her parent’s car, riding over the same road. War reaches into their lives, driving a traumatic past toward unimaginable loss.