this is love

the chives
that fucking terrier

this is love
by Amy Marengo

in summer i walk to the corner store and see
chives growing out a crack in the sidewalk
and i think it doesnt matter whoevers the reason
theyre there
id leave my other
and ask mr or ms or mrs sidewalk chive
god will you marry me
this is love not curiosity
because i dont wonder who this person is
i just want them
i never pick the chives and am happy when it rains
so they may not wilt till winter or till a damn dog
has a taste while its owner stretches
in that very spot after a run
i watched this happen last summer
and had to walk past the corner store
because i was crying
i didnt think i could buy my swedish fish and condoms
without the new clerk asking me what was wrong
and what would i tell him
the chives
that fucking terrier
luckily it was early june and the chives regrew
with a vengeance their purple
firework blossoms so full by late july
i had to walk past the corner store again
but that time i was crying because whoevers
the reason they grow there i knew for sure
is my soul mate and someday we will plant
beautiful things together in the grayest places

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Amy Marengo received her MFA from Virginia Tech in 2015 and has recent or forthcoming work in the Best American Experimental Writing anthology, Pleiades, Whiskey Island, Cimarron Review,and Dialogist, among other places. For more info on publications and awards, please visit her at