Issue 21: Vanishing Point


View our gallery and interview with cover artist Yulia Bas.

Creative Nonfiction

Eric Day, The Nine Step Sales Process
Brigitte Lewis, Bury
Kerry Muir, Ritchie
Priya Rajan, Those Who Wander
Donna Steiner, Wind Telephone, How to Lure the Crows, and Near Misses


Rita Ariyoshi, The Cloud House
Jacob Dimpsey, Post-Love
Ben Gitkind, Virgin Birth in Komodo Dragons
Melissa Goodrich, The Innkeeper
Belinda Hermawan, Vanishing Point
Jefferson Navicky, The Patron Saint of Capowa Island
Daniel Uncapher, Southernalia in Smithereens
H.W. Walker, Service Work


Rob Cook, The Empire Abandoned by What Will Never Happen and The Troglodytes
John Cullen, Under One Street Light
Dionne Custer Edwards, Dwell Time
Heikki Huotari, I Identify
Jeanne Larsen, Again I See His Diminishing Unfamiliar and Homer [Could He See It] Must Have Seen
Wendy Miles, Gone and Otherwise Stillness or On Seeing Eleven Deer on a Cool March Evening
Tom Paine, Orchard
Joel Peckham, Catch and Release
Jim Peterson, The Thing I Want to Say, One Wish, and Learning to Speak
Erin Slaughter, Knife Again & Light and We Bury Our Tongues and Our Tentpoles
Lesley Wheeler, Evaporative Haibun and List from John Robinson, 1826