Flock: Issue 20

Audio Features



Ariel Vargassal
Transcendence and Magic in the Everyday: The Art of Ariel Vargassal, by Mitch Cullin

John Gregory Brown
Interview and Gallery

Creative Nonfiction

Mavis Cheek, Like Shelling Peas and Barefoot Gardener
Thorsten Nagelschmidt, Proud Old Lady with Broken Teeth (Translated by Tim DeMarco)
Damara Martin, Bruised Georgia Peaches in Miami


Sohrab Homi Fracis, True Fiction
Sabrina Islam, Khea
Rachel Lyon, Mina and Me
Elizabeth Morton, The Chemicals We Came From
E.M. Paulsen, Ketch
Alyssa Proujansky, Tin Can Telephone
Rebecca Moon Ruark, Recruit


Ryan Clark, Everybody Loved Miss Martha
Alexis Rhone Fancher: The Famous Poet Skates in Perpetuity and PLAYING DIRTY (A Sister Poem)
k.j. johnson, dance of the peacocks
Arthur Plotnik, A Stand-up Dying Young
Andres Rojas: Night, Radio, Storm and May Your Wish Be Granted As a Child’s Is
Inga Lea Schmidt: In the Aisle of Juice and Falling Teeth
Hilary Sideris, Lou Reed
Emily Stokes: Love in the Age of Compartmentalization and Love in the Age of Grief and Pine
Amanda Williams, Inheritance
Karolina Zapal: To Be Local; Kraj (Kri); and Customs